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Thomasville, Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem, NC

Thank you for visiting! Our mission is to better the lives of dogs and the people they live with. We offer customized dog training services, so you and your dog can get the most benefit from our training. We have a wide variety of dog training services available, everything from problem solving and general obedience to specialized sport training, which includes competition level tracking, obedience and protection.

There are many different techniques for successful dog training. Bravo K-9 focuses on a teamwork mentality. This means our primary dog training philosophy stems from maintaining the dog's attention on the handler throughout the session. We use a reward based system to keep the dog motivated and attentive. This method facilitates confidence, effort, quick learning, and enthusiasm in the dog. The end result is dogs that are happy, accurate, and confident in their work. A little training can go a long way! Please contact us, so we can help you get started with your dog.