About Bravo's Dog Trainer

Carrie McElvogue is the owner and trainer for Bravo K-9. Her passion for animals started at a very young age when dogs truly were her very best friend. She graduated from college with a BS in Animal Science and worked in the horse industry. Dogs were always a love and a hobby, and they eventually overtook the horse career. After doing various types of obedience classes and participating in agility, Carrie discovered the sport of Schutzhund. Her German Shepherd puppy of 10 weeks, who was bred for the sport, was the start of a new chapter in learning about dog training. As her puppy grew, they learned the sport together, earned their SchH 3, participated in the North American Championships, and qualified for the USA Nationals (twice). Since then she has titled her dogs and client dogs (GSDs, Rottweilers & Malinois) for BHs and IPO titles, and continues to compete at Regional and National Schutzhund events. Agility, dock diving and herding are still side hobbies. Carrie looks forward to continued learning, growing and changing. She enjoys working with a variety of breeds because each one is so different from the rest and they all have so much to offer.

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