Dog Obedience Training

Custom obedience training for dogs all shapes and sizes. Whether you are wanting some general dog obedience or needing to work through behavioral issues in your dog, we can help.

Training Options

  • * Board and Train, your dog will come stay at our home to learn
  • *In-Home Training, we travel to you
    • The sessions last one hour and will be geared for you and your dog's specific needs. This includes a full evaluation along with an estimated time frame, the number of subsequent sessions needed, to achieve the goals you have with your dog. All done in the convenience of your home.
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The most common behavioral issues are: separation anxiety, anti-social behavior, issues with aggression, or just too much energy. These issues are the source of undesired behaviors in dogs, such as chewing up the house, being aggressive towards dogs or people, jumping, being hyper-active, not listening, ect. We will teach you how to communicate better with your dog, so you can change his behavior. All dogs need an outlet for their energy as well as structure and leadership in their lives. Some small changes in how you interact with your dog can make some big differences in your dog's behavior.

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General obedience training is a fun way to spend time with your dog. The dog gets to use his mind and figure things out, along with getting to burn up some energy. Obedience training can deepen the relationship between you and your dog because it facilitates better communication, and it's a time when your dog has 100% of your undivided attention. When obedience is done correctly, the dog will enjoy it and so will you!

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