I The Trained Dog

© 2011 Carrie McElvogue

I come when I'm called and sit when I'm told,
I down on command and run free very bold.
I ride in the car to go here and there,
Half out the window with wind in my hair.
I play in the yard and swim in the lake,
I'm happy and free, can't stop for a break.
I stay out in the house even when people are gone,
I leave food on the counters whether it's dusk or it's dawn.
I sleep with the family and take care of the kids,
I walk nice on a leash and do as my owner bids.
We have a relationship you see, my owner and I,
I do what I'm told, to get what I want by and by.
With every freedom comes responsibility you see,
And I take mine to the highest degree.
So please remember people to take the time,
To help us learn what is and isn't a crime.
Trained dogs running - 13KB

Dog Obedience in Action - 15KB