Reward Based Dog Training

Using a reward system is a great way to train your dog for numerous reasons. The greatest benefit is that it promotes positive interaction with your dog. The dog begins to understand there is something in it for him, so he starts paying more attention to you. Also, reward training is more fun for your dog than correction based training. Keep in mind how you would feel if you went to work and never got a pay check. You would probably stop going to work and find other things to do. Reward based training means your dog always gets a pay check for doing the tasks you ask of him. If you can be animated and creative, your dog should have fun while training and so should you.

Training the Dog to jump with a reward - 19KB

What to use for rewards?

Use whatever your dog likes best. Some dogs love food, others want a toy. The easiest dogs to train are the ones who like both and will gladly work for food or toys.

How do you reward?

Timing is important when you reward. The following concept is quite simple, but it takes a little getting used to. Marker training is clicker training using a word (bridge word) instead of the clicker. I use the word yes. The timing is switched from the reward to the "yes." For example when my dogs sits, I do not have to reward him while he is sitting. I need to say, "yes" while he is sitting and then reward him. You can capture any behavior using yes. Such as: your dog looks at you, "yes" reward; your dog tilts his head, "yes" reward; your dog puts his paw on his nose, "yes" reward. Please see the Dog Obedience Training with Markers article for more details.

Rewarding the dog during training - 27KB