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Located in Asheboro, NC, serving the Triad area

(Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem)





  • How old does my dog have to be?
    Puppies are welcome! Dogs/puppies can be of any age and any breed.
  • How many private sessions will the training take?
    You and your dog will receive a lot of information with just one session. If you are committed to learning and training, usually 3 sessions get people to where they were hoping to be with their dog.
  • How frequently should the sessions take place?
    Most people like to do weekly sessions, or every other week to give them time to work with their dog between sessions, yet keep them on track with the proper training.
  • Does my dog need private sessions or the two week live-in training program?
    This can be discussed in detail for each specific dog, but in general it depends on how much time the owner has to put into the training. The private sessions are good for owners that can work with their dog between each session to reinforce the behaviors. The live-in training can really help get the dog started on many different behaviors that occur daily within the household. However, the reinforcement must still happen when the dog returns to their own home environment. Sometimes a combination can be best.
  • Will the things my dog has learned at the live-in training transfer when the dog returns home?
    This is a good question to consider. It is just as important that the owner learns how to properly reinforce their dog's behavior, as it is that the dog learns the behaviors. The live-in training includes an hour long training session when the owner comes to pick their dog up, in order to help teach the owner what reinforcements are needed to be successful. We also offer complimentary group sessions, so the owner can return with their dog and participate and learn in a group setting to facilitate a smooth transfer from the live-in training.
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